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Welcome to the CCP4 wiki - a repository of knowledge and documentation for CCP4 users and crystallographers in general. Everyone is welcome to browse this website and make use of the information contained herein.


[edit] Overview

This site focuses on how to use CCP4 software, particularly through CCP4i, the CCP4 graphical user interface.

[edit] Content

The CCP4 wiki site is divided into three main areas:

  • Developer's Area: Things of interest to CCP4 software developers and contributors.

[edit] Associated resources

  • The CCP4 website, which provides a background to the suite, and from which you can download the software, find installation instructions, and read licensing information
  • CCP4 program documentation providing a detailed description of each program. Of particular interest for command-line users and developers
  • The CCP4 community wiki, an independent site which anyone can edit, to provide community information and feedback relevent to CCP4 and related software.

[edit] Contacts

If you would like to contribute to this site, then you will need an account - this will allow you to create and edit pages. Email for more details.

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